Hinged door wardrobes

A complete collection of hinged door wardrobes in genuine solid wood that can be customised in terms of sizes, styles, colours and interior accessories.

The Scandola Mobili catalogue contains plenty of hinged door wardrobe options. This modular collection includes wall wardrobes consisting in a modular system that can satisfy any space requirement, ranging from a plain, single tall unit to a wardrobe that covers the entire wall. Authentic solid wood, quality hardware, sturdy structures made of 30mm thick panels are the technical features that make the quality of these Scandola Mobili wardrobes unique.

Our hinged door wardrobes are extremely customisable: from an aesthetic viewpoint you can choose the type of door, the decorative cornice, the finish and the handle so that it can be perfectly coordinated with the other furniture in the room or home. From a practical and functional viewpoint the inside can be fitted with shelves, drawer units, hanging rails and other accessories to suit your needs.