The decorated range recaptures the flavour of regional craftsmanship, which is handed down from one generation to the next and kept alive in new creations.

We express the know-how of our cabinet makers through these classic pieces with their pastel shades which are skilfully aged and decorated with great creativity. A collection that is elegant in its simplicity and in tune with the environment by virtue of the exclusive and 100% natural polished lacquer and alcohol finish. A range of furniture reminiscent of Tyrolean and Provençal styles, painted cabinets that look perfect in shabby chic or country-style settings portraying the floral designs, colour combinations and embellishments that distiguish them.

Tyrolean dressers just like the artsans of old used to make in the Trentino region of Italy. Beautiful furniture for mountain chalets, beds with harmonious floral embellishments that are also picked up on the doors of hinged door wardrobes or painted on the fronts of tall boy drawers. In this furniture with painted embellishments the classic style becomes bright and colourful, resembling Provençal style furniture with its flowers and artistically distressed wood.

The hallmark of the Provençal style consists of pastel colours and unfinished, often distressed, wood. The style was born in the south of France, in the Provence region, and is distinguished by floral designs that often portray Mediterranean herbs, plants and flowers such as lavender.  The Tyrolean style is similar to the Provençal one although it was born in the mountains and picks up the alpine tradition of Austria and of the Italian region of Trentino. Rural-style furniture, mostly in pine or spruce wood, beautified by intricate painted designs make up this elegant style of furniture. On the other hand, the shabby chic style originated in England and literally celebrates the charm of old pieces of furniture, even ruined by wear and tear or distressed, which are painted and decorated.