Finishes: all the colours of wood

Lots of colours and finishes are available to customise solid wood furniture. All Scandola Mobili’s finishes are made of non-toxic, water-based varnishes that respect the health of man and of the environment. The finishes come in four price categories: the colours in category 1 and 2 are smooth whereas categories 3 and 4 have brushed finishes.

Fascia 1

Category 1 includes four smooth finishes to furnish your home with traditional colours: Naturale, Sabbia, Miele Tabacco and Noce spruce

Fascia 2

Price category 2 presents some lacquer finishes on smooth spruce: Malto, Avorio, Verde Sottobosco, Azzurro Savoia, Cipria.

Fascia 3

Price category 3 consists of brushed finishes. Brushing is a process that brings out spruce wood’s natural grain, even to the touch. Many colours are available, from pastel to more original shades: Neve, Lino, Gesso, Visone, Creta, Blu Cobalto, Rosso Granata, Azzurro Fiordo, Mirtillo, Blu Oltremare, Verde Lichene, Rosa Aurora, Verde Tundra, Verde Lime, Azzurro Polvere, Senape, Fragola and Aragosta.

Fascia 4

All the colours in price category 4 are brushed. The bleached or antiqued shades are elegant and obtained using non-toxic, water-based varnishes: Grafite, Bianco Perla, Nocciola, Terra, Lavanda, Salvia, Fiordaliso and Ardesia.