Tradition that lives on in a contemporary key. A rich past, a sound present
and lots of plans for the future.

About us


Our company’s strength lies in the people who work for us. All our bonds, dynamics, intellectual skills and processes make our company unique and produce excellent results. We foster ongoing improvement and promote a flexible attitude towards change that is indispensable to meet our customers’ requirements. Our basic values are deeply-embedded in the corporate vision that guides every decision and everything we do. Our mission describes how we want to convey these values to our customers through our furniture.


Our ethical and integrity values: Authenticity, Tradition, Home living, Warmth, Family. We love and respect nature and all natural things. We pursue beauty and quality in the wake of tradition. We enhance the values of our territory and of its inhabitants. We want to be an ideal workplace that inspires employees to do their best.


To furnish spaces with contemporary, NATURAL, ECO-SUSTAINABLE furniture MADE OF WOOD to upgrade the quality of domestic life. To furnish spaces that make the most of moments spent together: a bright, versatile space that pairs tradition with modernity.



In love with wood.