Tradition that lives on in a contemporary key. A rich past, a sound present
and lots of plans for the future.

Our story


It was back in 1976 when Carlo Scandola, having racked up years of experience working in handcrafted furniture shops in the Verona area, decided to open his own workshop, thereby laying the foundations of what would become Scandola Mobili. The home he chose for his business was Bosco Chiesanuova, a village located 1,100 metres above sea level in the Lessini hills. This was a daring yet farsighted choice, aimed at helping the strongest and healthiest people in his village decide to stay put instead of following the usual trend, abandoning their homes in search of work elsewhere. These were the early years, willpower and enthusiasm were the driving forces behind his steadily growing success. When the first catalogues were distributed his sales network began to expand throughout Italy and abroad. Carlo started to look into styles that had their roots deeply embedded in tradition, determined to bridge the gap between the past and the future with his ambitious projects. He put together a team of efficient, skilled and loyal collaborators who enthusiastically pooled their abilities to meet the requirements of Scandola’s future developments including the addition of new types of furniture, opening up to new challenges and frontiers. Scandola Mobili currently employs 62 workers excluding its owner and, pursuant to some extension work, now covers an area of 10,000 m2. The company also has various agencies distributed all over Italy and in some European countries.



In love with wood.