N16 Triple children’s bedroom with bunk and loft beds

A classic triple children’s bedroom with a bunk bed and a loft bed: a corner bunk bed on one side plus a loft bed with a desk on the other side and an adjacent wardrobe with a central bookcase. All the furniture is in Azzurro Fiordo coloured solid spruce with Avorio details.

The beds in this arrangement furnish an entire wall and consist of a bunk bed and a loft bed divided by stairs in the centre. This layout sleeps three, two in the top bunk and loft bed and one in the corner bed standing at right angles with the rest of the children’s bedroom. A study area with a pullout desktop makes the most of natural light in the niche under the loft bed (view in the section referred to bunk beds). The classic-style wardrobe, perfectly coordinated with the rest of the furniture in genuine solid wood,  is on the far right. This arrangement is ideal both for small children – because it is safe and practical since it uses stairs instead of a ladder – and young adults alike because each person benefits from his/her own well-defined space.