Children’s bunk bed with slide N24

This children’s bedroom in solid wood has been designed with bright and cheerfully-coloured furniture ready to turn into a playground that any child will love.

Scandola presents a lively and carefree  children’s bedroom in which the furniture becomes a game.  Bunk beds have always fascinated children and stimulated their imagination: they can become watchtowers, tree houses or magic carpets. The bunk bed in this bedroom has been designed to be safe for children: instead of the usual ladder there are easier stairs to use.  For tiny tots there is even a slide to get down from the top bunk on.

This bunk bed bedroom is fun and colourful, with Azzurro and Senape shades and simple lines with a smaller quantity of embellishments compared to traditional, country-style furniture.  As well as the bunk bed with a slide, this layout features a bookcase, a study area and a large, hinged-door wardrobe with four doors, exposed drawers and boarded door panels. In other words. all you need to furnish a practical bedroom. Since it is completely natural, genuine solid wood is ideal for the children’s bedroom. Scandola Mobili treats it with totally non-toxic, water-based varnishes to guarantee the wellbeing of its smallest guests.