N15 Children’s bedroom with a walk-in wardrobe and mini bunk bed

This double children’s bedroom by Scandola Mobili features a roomy, Gesso-coloured walk-in wardrobe and a pair of mini bunks in Cobalto spruce.

A great space-saving idea makes this bedroom suitable for two children. In fact, the sliding motion of the bottom bunk allows the two beds to take up very little space when shut. The position of the top bunk is lower and safer than that of a typical bunk bed thanks to the guard and the ladder which makes it perfect even for small children. A third bed in the bottom bunk can be pulled out to accommodate a third child sleeping over.

This double bedroom also boasts a roomy corner wardrobe inclusive of a walk-in section where lots of garments can be stored. A tall, glazed bookcase flanks the mini bunk beds and is connected to the wardrobe by a shelf.

This very practical, classic bedroom with excellent storage capacity features an additional space-saving idea consisting in a desk fitted in the niche under a bridging bookcase.