Tabià T05 country-style children’s bedroom

A single, classic-style children’s bedroom with a floor-standing bed, a bedside table and a desk with genuine solid spruce wood. The Neve-coloured spruce furniture with Nocciola-coloured, wooden wall panelling create a soft, country-style atmosphere. The classic chair is also in spruce, shown here with an Oltremare lacquered finish.

Diffused light spreads over the soft colours of this country-style children’s bedroom in coordinated white Bianco Neve paired with pale hazelnut Nocciola-coloured wood. Brushed finishes set off the rural and artisanal style of this genuine spruce wood furniture crafted with the care of cabinet-makers of old. The Tabià single bed stands out in the middle of the room and is complemented by a coordinated bedside table, while the wall arrangement with a study area is surmounted by two impressive wall-hung bookcases. The mid-height wall panelling adds warmth to the room, reminding one of the classic furnishings of mountain huts. Very well-balanced lines and shades create a timeless bedroom suitable for small children and young adults alike thanks to its distinctive country style that never bores.