Country-style double bedroom N14

Two Tabià model twin beds and a Blu Cobalto-coloured chest paired with Bianco Gesso bedside tables and wardrobe: two brushed solid spruce finishes. The wardrobe is divided in two, one for each child, by the desk.

Two twin beds protrude into the centre of the room and are flanked by their own bedside table. Here, the country style of the Tabià line is clad in Bianco Gesso and Blu Cobalto to furnish a more formal context.

The wall panelling runs along the entire wall facing the beds, picking up the alcove-fitted wardrobe and the bedroom door and creating a really impressive wall arrangement completely covered with wood. The wardrobe is interrupted half-way to accommodate a desk with shelves and drawers. Behind the desk the wall panelling becomes Blu Cobalto, picking up the colour of the beds. As well as the rural-style chest, another Blu Cobalto coloured unit can be seen at the back of the photo.

This double bedroom is perfect for two brothers or sisters: his/her own distinctive space has been planned  into the bedroom layout.