Lacquered children’s bedroom N23

A bedroom for two children, strongly distinguished by lacquer colours. Verde Lime, Blu Oltremare and Bianco Gesso meet in this solid wood corner layout.

This bedroom has been created using the most classic of traditional lines: the curves of the Armonia beds, boarded wall panelling, a solid wood desk. Colour is used in an astounding and innovative way, with Verde Lime lacquered furniture standing out against a large, Oltremare-coloured panelled wall. The overall impression is of a modern, youthful, up-to-date room paired with the artisanal quality of spruce wood furniture and the charm of the classic style.

Two beds stand in a corner against adjacent walls, leaving the space in the centre of the room free for games. The wardrobe is divided in two by a bookcase so that each child can easily identify his/her own space.