Classic children’s bedroom with bridging wardrobe N21

A classic, single children’s bedroom with a straight, bridging wardrobe and a spare bed for guests, a complementary bookcase with desk and tall boys. The furniture is in Tundra and Bianco Gesso coloured genuine wood with Azzurro Savoia accents.

Bridging arrangements are a classic way of furnishing children or teen bedrooms. A wardrobe fitted above the bed saves a lot of space and leaves the centre of the room empty to play in. The arrangement features is an interplay of three tones: the pureness of Bianco Gesso, Verde Tundra to add colour and another bright yet relaxing pastel colour, Azurro Savoia, to liven things up with bolder touches of colour.

The bridging wardrobe is straight and wide and is not provided with rear panels; the Armonia bed is fitted below it and boasts a second, spare, pullout bed that, when in place, almost forms a double bed.  In addition to the storage capacity of the bridging wardrobe, two tallboys featuring a total of 12 drawers make it easy to organise the children’s clothes. There is also a large bookcases with a desk. A round, complementary coffee table can be used as such or as a bedside table.