Maestral M10 single bedroom for boys

A Fada bedside table, a Fada queen-size bed and a wardrobe on a stand all star in this single Maestrale bedroom in authentic solid spruce wood.

The design of the Fada bed headboard, shown here with a Cenere finish, consists in a wide frame with a noticeable, splayed inner edge  that encloses a wooden panel. The 120-mm tall bed frame has 45° corners and is supported by slanting, wooden legs. Two, round Circus coffee tables and the Verde Tundra finish Fada bedside table complement the bed. The Fada bedside table presents the same features as the bed: a splayed frame on the front and slanting feet. The wardrobe, in Verde Tundra once again, picks up the same lines that are reminiscent of Scandinavian 50s/60s furniture.  Raised off the floor on wooden feet (the same used for the bed), it stands on a 30-mm thick panel and features tongue-and-groove Mia doors with top and bottom rails. Solid spruce wood is the major player in this arrangement in which it stands out  thanks to the soft finishes through which its natural beauty shines.