Maestrale M12 single bedroom in solid wood

A bedroom designed for teenage boys and girls featuring soft Canapa and Bianco Latte colours, composed of a queen-size Plana bed, a wardrobe and an adjoining study area.

The queen-size Plana bed stands proud in the centre of the room. The bedside tabletop can protrude from the right or left as required: a gap runs between one plank and the other, underlining the horizontal design of the bed and housing, if required, a round, metal tray. The bed’s feet are slanting and made of solid spruce with an inside structure in iron. The wardrobe features Mia doors that stand out for their vertical boards and two horizontal rails, one at the top and one at the bottom. Two Maestrale end panels frame the wardrobe which is flanked by a study area on the right, composed of a Blu Cobalto desk, Canapa finish shelves and matching-coloured wall panelling. An open shelving unit, made of custom-sized, Canapa finish shelves, can be seen on the left where it is handy to hold books and CDs.