A facility that harmonises with the landscape

The green Austrian valleys, that become snow-clad in the winter months, form the backdrop of the splendid Hotel Lärchenhof in Seefeld in the south of Austria. For this facility Scandola Mobili has created custom furniture that harmonises perfectly with its surroundings.

The material used to furnish some of these hotel rooms is prized and precious: old spruce wood, for instance, has reached us through hundreds of years of history that have left their mark on this magnificent material tempered by the wind, sun and the action of man.  The intrinsic features of old wood are woodworm marks, uneven hues, cracks and sometimes even holes. These are the characteristics that give these bedrooms an authentic, warm feel.

We have also furnished a suite of this hotel with soft, brushed Bianco Perla tones. Although this suite is more refined, it is still in line with the style of the facility. The bed frame upholstered in white eco-leather is paired with two Arcanda bedside tables made of spruce wood.