Alpine  bedroom

A large, rough-sawn headboard accommodates an upholstered bed with a finely decorated headboard. This bedroom creates the right ambience for any accommodation facility.

Ardesia and Rosso Granata shades are paired in this arrangement to achieve a refined look. The panelling that creates the backdrop for the double bed is complemented by a low shelf that runs behind the bed, creating two bedside tables. The side panels create two niches fitted with shelves between the wall and the panelling. Nevertheless, the real star of the whole bedroom is the Alpine headboard, intricately decorated to create the typical alpine style.  This double bedroom is completed by a two-door wardrobe with side panels embellished with pilasters, a desk and a luggage rack.

This bedroom furniture is definitely ideal for a hotel room and for a B&B room: i.e. for any facility whose priority it is to offer its guests a comfortable stay.