Provencal-style bedroom furniture

Soft, brushed Creta shades blend harmoniously with the pure white of the brushed Gesso finish creating a relaxing Provencal-style setting that conveys a feeling of serenity to any guest.

The Tabià double bed with its flowing lines steals all the limelight in this Provencal-style bedroom. The same lines are picked up by the Bianco Gesso finish bedside table and the Creta finish chest. Bianco Gesso wall panelling encloses the whole room, creating an intimate and cosy atmosphere. The bathroom door is pleasantly concealed by the wall panelling with which it shares the same finish. A coffee table and armchair in the background create a relaxation area where guests can sit and read a good book. The typical Provencal style is used here in a simple, balanced way. Through the open bathroom door one can get a glimpse of the open unit with its integrated, ceramic top that shares the same finish of the bed, harmoniously linking the two rooms. Every, single, minute detail of this hotel room has been planned to perfection to be just right for country, mountain or city accommodation facilities alike.