A Bed and Breakfast facility furnished with wood

Scandola Mobili furnished a B&B and some one-bedroom flats with solid wood furniture in the heart of the Lessinia National Park.

A top-notch accommodation facility in the natural surroundings of Lessinia resulting from the renovation of an 18th century building: we are talking about the Ongar Relax B&B composed of three bedrooms and two one-bedroom flats.

The bedrooms feature horizontal tongue-and-groove panelling against which a wooden bed frame stands. Two floating shelves are used as bedside tables. A desk and a luggage rack complement the room. For a coordinated look, the double cabinet in the bathroom matches the finish of the bedroom furniture.

The two flats feature a small kitchenette, a living room area with a farmhouse-style table and four chairs plus a relaxation area. The large bedroom picks up the lines of the B&B bedrooms.

All the furniture is in Nocciola finish solid spruce that reveals all the natural beauty of wood, including the grains and knots. The brushed finish increases its natural look and feel.