Furniture inspired by nature

A luxury resort situated in a prestigious location: Scandola Mobili has been honoured to furnish the rooms of the Scala dei Turchi resort which overlooks  the homonymous beach.

White dominates this project. The brushed Bianco Gesso furniture features minimalist lines and creates an elegant and refined setting. White spruce wood is the perfect choice to furnish a facility by the sea and creates a link with the majestic Scala dei Turchi cliffs of the surrounding landscape.  The upholstered bed frame is paired with different headboards, all upholstered with different designs. The bedside tables with their sabre legs are reminiscent of more classic furniture and add a touch of elegance to the layouts. The same line has been picked up by the TV table, the desk with its minibar and the 3-door sideboard. For this project, Scandola Mobili has tried its best to express its respect for nature, enhancing it by using furniture made of wood that harmonises with the outdoor environment.