From the mountains to the sea, passing through the town. The cosiness and style of Scandola’s furniture – that is able to pair the warmth of tradition with streamlined, contemporary elegance – have travelled beyond the Italian border, reaching an increasingly larger number of hotels, holiday homes and B&B facilities in Europe.

Furniture for B&Bs, hotels and service flats

The quality of Scandola’s furniture, in addition to the romantic atmosphere it can create, together with the company’s professionalism and capacity to meet different living requirements, have determined the success of this collection specifically designed for this sector and made entirely in Italy. A line with rich details, featuring a large range of finishes and fabrics whose timeless charm has even been noticed by magazines dedicated to the hospitality sector.

Scandola Mobili’s in-house team, dedicated exclusively to contract projects, is made up of top-notch designers, technicians and professionals able to meet any requirement.  Our philosophy is based on our determination to satisfy any customer request, no matter how simple or complex, staying by the side of our customers through every step,  starting from the initial planning phase to the completion of the actual project.

The material we focus on in our projects is, once again, solid spruce wood, reinterpreted and paired with other materials to make furniture with a contemporary appeal and minimalist lines. The natural beauty of wood and the skilful way it is worked is enhanced to create country-style furniture that is ideal for farmhouses and mountain hotels. For those interested in classic furniture, a choice of soft shades creates cosy hotel rooms that make guests feel at home.

We uphold ecology and respect nature even when we make furniture for accommodation facilities.  In fact, we only use solid spruce wood, preferably from controlled reforestation areas. Moreover, our coating cycle is entirely water based to preserve all the natural beauty of wood and obtain completely natural products that do not produce emissions harmful for people or for the environment.