Classic Nuovo Mondo N0 kitchen with dining room

Classic corner kitchen with dining room, perfect for get-togethers. Creta and Lino finish genuine wood furniture.

A classic-style kitchen with a vintage atmosphere, large, convivial spaces and beautiful dining room furniture that perfectly complements the kitchen cabinets.

Large cupboards divide the reception room, separating the dining area and kitchen from the lounge which can be reached through an archway constructed between white tall units.

The kitchen consists of a large corner layout featuring a very long worktop that runs along two walls and surmounts base units with doors and deep drawers.  The hob is at the centre of the main wall and benefits from a large chimney hood that steals all the limelight since it isn’t flanked by wall-hung units. In fact, these are replaced by more ethereal-looking shelving and windows that brighten up the room and open straight over the worktop. In a classic context distinguished by cornices, framed doors and pilaster strips adding a finishing touch at the side of base units there are a distinctly modern stainless steel oven and sink. A large table with turned legs complemented by luxurious, loose fabric-covered chairs stand in the centre of the room and are just perfect to welcome guests into an elegant dining room.