All the kitchens produced by Scandola Mobili are modular and available in a great variety of sizes. Each module can be customised in terms of dimensions and accessories and we also offer our customers fully made-to-measure furniture.

Measurements of our kitchen base units

Thanks to the Scandola kitchen cabinet system it is possible to plan a kitchen of any size, ranging from a small linear kitchen to a large corner one. The base units, available in various heights and depths, are fitted side-by-side,  making up the bottom section of your kitchen. As well as base units designed for storage and fitted with doors, drawers and deep drawers, there are also modules constructed to house sinks, ovens and refrigerators. A door coordinated with the other kitchen cabinet fronts is made to conceal the dishwasher. Corner modules are available to create a kitchen on two adjoining walls. Scandola’s kitchen base units can also be fitted side-by-side to create peninsulas and islands.

Measurements of our kitchen wall units

Wall units are hung to the wall above base units. Our wall units usually come with traditional hinged doors but they may sometimes be provided with lift-up doors. Hoods can either be integrated in a wall unit or become the focus of a traditional or country kitchen in the form of a chimney hood.

Measurements of tall units and other measurements

Scandola’s modular kitchen cabinets can also become tall units which, when installed side-by-side, form cupboards or traditional dressers. Tall units can house built-in refrigerators, ovens and freezers. Scandola’s solid wood tall kitchen cabinets come in many sizes. If you are interested, please download the technical data sheets containing  all the sizes of our kitchen cabinets.

Made-to-measure kitchens

Modular kitchen cabinets cannot always satisfy all space requirements which is why Scandola always offers the opportunity of custom sizing its traditional kitchen cabinets.  Tall, base and wall units can even be constructed to match specific measurements. The best way to plan a made-to-measure kitchen is to go to one of the Scandola Mobili furniture dealers.