Tabià T01 country-style kitchen

The Tabià T01 kitchen features country-style cabinets. Neve finish peninsula base units and wall panelling, Nocciola-coloured base, wall and tall kitchen cabinets and Gesso spruce chairs. The worktop is in Gaja Brown stone.

The country style is distinctive of this large, classic kitchen reminiscent of old, rural-style farmhouses. The straight worktop houses a hob and is surmounted by a beautiful chimney hood, the true focus of a country-style kitchen. The arrangement continues on the left with a long run of midi units that covers the corner of the room and houses an oven and fridge. The sink is recessed into the peninsula top while a set of wall units with glass doors surmounts the initial part of the peninsula and bridges the gap between the kitchen and the dining room, together with a country-style shelf with decorative brackets. The worktops, sink and splashback – that protects the wall behind the hob – are all in Gaja Brown stone. Apart from the table in luminous Bianco Gesso and the Bianco Neve base units of the peninsula, the rest of the furniture is in Nocciola-coloured solid spruce which is also picked up by the traditional wall panelling. The country-style kitchen shown here is exceptionally large and features a corner arrangement and a peninsula. Thanks to their extensive modularity, the Tabià cabinets by Scandola Mobili are suitable for any room, to which they convey their traditional, rural charm.