Country-style kitchens: the Tabià line

Tabià is a line of furniture that comes straight from heart of tradition: a modern take on the country style. The Tabià classic kitchens produced by Scandola Mobili are made entirely of solid wood with the love and care for well-crafted objects that have always been typical of traditional artisans and cabinet makers of the past.

This rural style kitchen furniture features thick panels and country-style embellishments  that give the kitchen the cosiness of family farmhouses and of mountain chalets and huts that use wood as their main material. Large, cosy kitchens with chimney hoods, big cupboards and perfectly integrated, built-in appliances. Traditional cabinets are made over, adapting them to modern times by paying lots of attention to practicality and to the best materials for worktops and accessories.

A wide range of modules makes it possibile to plan kitchens of any size, either in single, straight runs or in corner arrangements, with the possibiity of benefiting from custom-sized cabinets to meet any furnishing requirement. A multitude of options makes organising storage to perfection and planning a really function kitchen child’s play. Base and wall units with doors, deep drawers, drawers, waste recycling units, pullouts for corners: a vast quantity of ideas pool together to plan a kitchen that can be used to the best advantage every day of the year.