White Maestrale M04 kitchen

Maestrale M04 kitchen with an externsive, corner section. The cabinets are in Bianco Gesso finish spruce complemented by Senape wall panelling, a ceiling-hung cooker hood and a Hanex worktop.

This kitchen is made up of white cabinets marked by vertically boarded doors. The chosen finish is brushed Gesso. As well as for the furnture, white has also been preferred for the Hanex worktop which houses a two-bowl, integrated sink , and for the ceiling-hung cooker hood. The kitchen is linear and compact in size, with a sink on one side and a hob on the other, divided by a worktop boasting a practical beech chopping board. A run of tall units housing two ovens at eye level and a built-in refrigerator form an angle with the base units. The original patterns on the floor and tiles stand out against the pure white colour of the cabinets while a touch of mustard yellow on the wall panelling and in the bookcase of the living room area liven up this layout. The kitchen has a light and airy appeal: the wall units have only two doors and lots of space is dedicated to the custom-sized cooker hood. As well as extracting cooking fumes, the hood also serves as a shelf and offers hooks and raisl to hang utensils from. The original style of this Maestrale arrangement is difficult to classify. It definitely isn’t a classic kitchen, although the ample use of precious, solid wood keeps it anchored to tradition. Its original looks and its clean-cut lines make it look more like a modern, design kitchen, expression of authentic made in Italy.