Maestrale M02 corner kitchen

Maestrale M02 corner kitchen made up of base and tall units. Grafite finish for the ceiling-hung cooker hood, the base and tall units. Ardesia wall panelling, table and peninsula. The 4-cm thick worktop is in natural stone.

What makes this solid wood kitchen particularly stunning is the dark contrast between the Grafite kitchen cabinets and the grey-coloured finish of the Ardesia wall panelling and of the stone worktops. The bright orange Arancio Aragosta colour used inside the dresser is visible through the etched glass display doors and adds a really original, modern touch to the layout and character to the dining room in which a stylish, round table attracts most of the attention.

The corner kitchen is particularly large and includes two worktops, one of which is on the peninsula, a large cupboard that also houses built-in appliances and an open-shelving area against the wall where copper pots and pans are beautifully displayed. The kitchen base units have large deep drawers and doors for practical storage and well-organised kitchenware while the end side of the peninsula is fitted with an open-shelving unit. The exposed, steel shelf supports are picked up by the handles on the base units and by the hanging rail attached to the end of the peninsula.

The cooker hood is hung from the ceiling above the peninsula. It has a modern, minimalist structure with rails and hooks from which pans and utensils can be hung. The hood picks up the modern trend of combining steel and solid wood for a contemporary look that renovates traditional all-wood kitchens.

The kitchen cabinets of this corner layout run beyond the peninsula into the living room which the Maestrale collection furnishes to perfection.