Industrial-Style Maestrale M05 KitchenMaestrale M01 kitchen with islandMaestrale M02 corner kitchenMaestrale M03 kitchen in old woodWhite Maestrale M04 kitchenTabià T01 country-style kitchenTabià T02 rural-style kitchenCucina lineare in abete massiccio Tabià T03Large, convivial Nuovo Mondo N0 kitchenN1 New Classic kitchenClassic N2 kitchen in spruce

Furniture lines

Scandola presents its kitchen collections from the classic and new classic styles of the Nuovo Mondo collection to the more rural, country-style kitchens of the Tabià line, down to the contemporary, design appeal of the new Maestrale kitchens.

Furnishing a kitchen with Scandola Mobili cabinets

The kitchen is definitely one of the most important rooms in a home. This is where you spend most of your time, where you cook and, more often than not, where you eat your meals. In olden times the whole family used to gather around the hearth because the kitchen was the place for togetherness. Nowadays, this tradition has made a comeback in modern homes because the kitchen is often part of an open-space plan that includes the dining room and sometimes even the living room. That’s why it’s one of the most important rooms to furnish, both from a practical and aesthetic viewpoint.

Scandola Mobili has developed a kitchen furniture project that combines design made in Italy, functionality, customisation and quality. From an aesthetic viewpoint, all Scandola’s kitchens share the value of solid wood, used to make traditional cabinets, rural-style kitchens that remind one of Tyrolean or mountain hut furniture, country-style or shabby chic cabinets with showy embellishments and, last but not least, the contemporary kitchen cabinets of the Maestrale collection that make over the concept of the genuine wood kitchen in a more modern style.

An endless array of drawers, deep drawers and other accessories make these kitchens really practical to use. Thanks to our modular furniture system we can create arrangements to suit  kitchens of all sizes, from small linear kitchens to large corner layouts, even adding islands and peninsulas if there is enough space.  In making our genuine, solid spruce furniture we apply the attention to quality typical of a keen cabinet maker while choosing the best materials for our worktops.