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The bedroom is the most intimate environment of the house. Furnishing it in the right way means creating a relaxing environment that reconciles sleep and relaxation. The Nordic style bedroom is undoubtedly the best choice for those who love minimalism and would like to furnish the bedroom with a style that combines modern minimalism, but that can create a warm and welcoming environment.

The Scandinavian style was born in the first half of the last century by famous designers such as Alvar Aalto, Arne Jacobsen, Eero Aarnio, Verner Panton and Hans J. Wegner. Their aim was precisely to conduct technical-stylistic research that could offer man a more harmonious relationship between the home environment and nature. The result? Furniture in which the shape follows the function, minimal and unique because made by Scandinavian artisans. Many of these pieces of furniture are still true design icons.

But let’s see together how to furnish the Nordic style bedroom.

The colours of the Nordic style bedroom

Scandinavian winters, in addition to being very cold, are also long and dark. The furnishing of the Nordic houses therefore aims to illuminate the environment as much as possible by opting for light colours.

As you can easily guess, white is undoubtedly the most widely used colour. You can also get to total white, with walls, furniture and accessories all white. But it is true that total white is not easy to recreate. Our suggestion is then to create a colour palette with other 2-3 colours and play by mixing them together. The important thing is that these colours are light and pastel. For example, we can choose sage green, or sugar paper blue or antique pink, which are typical Nordic shades.

Next to the colours seen so far, which can be great for painting the walls of the room or for textile complements, furniture usually has a natural wood colour. The most used woods are light coloured, such as fir, ash, birch and oak. Their natural colour blends perfectly into a Nordic style bedroom.

The materials of the Scandinavian room

The main material of the Scandinavian chamber is undoubtedly wood. The goal of Scandinavian style is to reconnect man with nature, so what better way than using a natural material for the realization of furniture? Even the choice of the floor must go in this sense by choosing a bleached oak parquet.

Next to the wood is often used also the iron to make for example the Nordic style wardrobe, as we will see soon.

For textiles, better to prefer natural materials, first of all cotton and linen. On the bed linen we can play a little with the colours, according to the palette we chose. It is essential not to choose colours that contrast too much, because as a whole the bedroom must look harmonious.

It is nice to then place soft carpet rugs and a large faux fur carpet in the centre of the room. Everything will make your room appear in perfect Nordic style.

Finally to make the bedroom in perfect Scandinavian style I cannot miss the indoor plants. A hint of bright green will help to make the environment more alive. And we disprove the false belief that the plants in the bedroom are harmful, indeed contribute to creating a healthy and relaxed environment.

What furniture to choose for the Scandinavian bedroom

The Scandinavian bedroom is like the other double rooms, so it will present a large bed, bedside tables, chest of drawers and wardrobe. There is also a desk or reading area next to these furnishings. Let’s remember, however, that the Nordic style favours minimalism, so we only add the furniture strictly necessary, not adding furniture on furniture making the environment full and heavy.

It is essential to enter into the perspective of the style of the countries of northern Europe: few furnishings but strictly functional.

The bed

In the Nordic double room there is a matrimonial bed characterized by simple and square lines. So we avoid too worked beds but prefer beds characterized by simple lines and raised on elegant legs. Scandola Maestrale beds are perfect for this style, such as Fada, Plana or Barrique beds.

Scandinavian beds are almost always made of solid wood, only sometimes they can be chosen in white iron.

Bedside tables and chest of drawers

Bedside tables and chest of drawers must also present simple and slender lines. Scandinavian bedside tables are usually on legs similar to those of the bed or can be replaced by simple round tables. Nordic style bedside tables are in fact often different from each other to give a more fun style to the room.

The chest of drawers is inserted only if strictly necessary. Normally in Scandinavian houses there is not, but we are used to having it, so we can choose a simple and extremely linear one.

The closet

Forget the classic Italian wardrobe with 6 doors. We have seen that Scandinavian style is essential, so in a Nordic style bedroom the wardrobe as we think it does not exist. Instead, it is replaced by iron stencils that leave clothes exposed. If we do not like the visible solution we can choose closed cabinets, but the important thing is that they are small and freestanding, such as the Scandinavian wardrobe on a bench proposed by Scandola Mobili.

If in your room you can get the walk-in closet all the better. Instead of creating a plasterboard partition wall, close it with doors with aluminium and glass structure, in order to let you see what is inside the cabinet. If you delve into the topic of how to get the walk-in closet in the room, you can read our article dedicated to this:

The lighting of the Nordic room

Lighting should not be underestimated. In Nordic houses, natural light is given maximum prominence, with windows reduced to a minimum and large window. The windows have no curtains or if they are very light.

For artificial lighting, diffuse lighting is preferred and divided into several points. Next to the central light of the bedroom, spotlights recessed in the ceiling, floor lamps and candles that make the environment more cozy and romantic cannot be missed.

If you have any doubts or questions about how to furnish a Nordic style bedroom, do not hesitate to contact us.


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