Classic contemporary

Classic contemporary

Scandola Mobili’s contemporary classic kitchens seamlessly blend aesthetics with functionality, classicism with modernity, and art with rationality. The Maestrale collection embodies this fusion of timeless tradition and innovative design, featuring fine materials like solid wood and modern lines.

Solutions with an unmistakable taste capable of creating unique and functional environments, strengthened by their modularity that makes the best use of space.

Every single detail is functional for an effective and rational organization of different functions, whether cooking or storage.

M05 Maestrale Collection

This proposal exudes a strong character, featuring a charcoal finish, a 4 cm Emperador unicolor top, and iron details that collectively evoke an industrial flavor.

Industrial-style kitchens typically showcase wood, either in its natural finish or, as demonstrated here, accentuated with a dark coloring. Complementing the wood are iron elements finished in a burnished tint, complete with visible welds, as is customary in this style.

M07 Maestrale Collection

Kitchen composition made with the combination of different finishes and materiality. Coke Walnut is contrasted with the Caramel finish.

The large peninsula is made of old grey wood, with a brushed steel top, while the columns are presented with a pewter cement effect. This is an example of a modern kitchen, in a more minimal context in which wood remains the perfect element to create atmospheres of strong impact.

M02 Maestrale Collection

This corner kitchen, crafted from spruce wood, is ideally suited to any setting. Featuring a Maestrale design, it comprises base and tall units finished in graphite, while the suspended hood, boiserie, table, and peninsula boast a slate color.

Adding a distinctive touch and sense of separation is the interior of one of the pantry modules, adorned in a rich caramel hue. Completing the ensemble is a 4 cm thick kitchen top crafted from authentic stone.

M03 Maestrale Collection

This composition has old wood furniture as its undisputed protagonists: an ancient and unmistakable material, rich in knots, woodworm marks and millings because it was recovered from the beams of old barns and mountain houses.

The countertop, angled elegantly, boasts a 4 cm thick stone surface that harmonizes seamlessly with the surrounding furniture. The long peninsula and slatted paneling components feature a Slate finish, while the columns and bases supporting the top are crafted from reclaimed wood.

M01 Maestrale Collection

This English-style kitchen with an island combines a Pearl white finish with an eco-cement top in Fumo finish. The chimney hood, also in eco-cement but in Zinc finish, adds a unique touch. A splash of color is introduced with the Denim hue on the back of the open compartments.

The spacious kitchen island features not only a worktop but also a functional sink with steel bowls.

M04 Maestrale Collection

This spacious corner kitchen optimally utilizes the available wall space, with slatted fronts adding character and personality to the room. Finished in Chalk white, it features Mustard paneling and drawers, a suspended hood, and a Hanex top.

Combining the modern rigor of contemporary style with traditional materials like wood, this white kitchen stands out with its brushed finish, which enhances the nobility of the material. The colorful cementine-effect tiles complement the overall aesthetic perfectly.

M06 Maestrale Collection

This kitchen is designed to highlight the use of the color blue, specifically a denim finish, which adds a special charm to the composition, imbuing it with an elegant English style.

The kitchen layout follows a linear design with a series of base units in a row, while the wall units are constructed from aluminum. The cement-effect backsplash and large hood further enhance the space. The combination of the HPL top and backsplash creates a unique match. Contrasting columns in the color Argilla add visual interest, while the table and benches, featuring a playful two-tone design, complete the environment with style.

M08 Maestrale Collection

An English-style kitchen featuring a large island, where the elegant composition enhances the refined simplicity of the Meg front. The chosen colors, Smoke White and Dust Gray, imbue the room with an ethereal atmosphere that immediately evokes a sense of home.

Crafted from solid spruce wood, this kitchen embodies quality and longevity. The lacquered finish further enhances the English Mood concept, adding a touch of sophistication to the space.

M09 Maestrale Collection

A complete American-style option, characterized by spacious rooms and a meticulously curated decor. The island boasts a width of 100 cm, ensuring utmost convenience both as a countertop and for dish preparation, with storage compartments on both sides.

For this composition, the Melody front was selected, distinguished by a perimeter lowering of the frame that lends it a refined retro charm. The chosen color is a warm shade of white, adding to the inviting ambiance of the space.