Breathing skilled craftsmanship through the magic of wood, renewing the authenticity of rustic tradition with solid, sturdy furniture: this means choosing Scandola’s country kitchens, made entirely of solid wood.

The Tabià collection is ideal in mountain homes, where they recreate the warmth of the traditional chalet, or country homes, but they also suit the needs of city homes where shabby chic or Provençal style can be revived.

This style is also accompanied by the more classic lines of our first line, New World, which harkens back to a time when the art of carpentry was combined with the craftsmanship of the people of our area.

Adhering to our commitment to modularity and customization, Scandola country kitchens allow for flexibility in design, ensuring that each space achieves the desired aesthetic and functionality.

T03 Tabià Collection

A country-style linear kitchen with a central dining area is composed of linear modules. On the main side, there are side pantries flanking a chimney hood in the center, while the sides feature a buffet cupboard with a wall cabinet and a cupboard with a worktop and sink, respectively.

Crafted from solid fir with a slate and snow finish, all cabinets exude rustic charm.

T01 Tabià Collection

In this rustic kitchen, the prominent chimney hood serves as the focal point. The warmth of wood emanates from the Hazel finish of the base, wall, and tall units.

To lighten the room with an elegant country touch, the peninsula and paneling are finished in Neve, complemented by Chalk-colored chairs. The kitchen top, crafted from Gaja Brown stone, adds a refined touch to the ensemble.

T02 Tabià Collection

The composition of this kitchen includes country-style cabinets with a Malto finish, Strawberry-colored lacquered chairs and a St. Anna white stone top, with a custom-made hood with decoration for an unmistakable and delicate touch at the same time.

The result is definitely warm and cozy, typical of mountain homes.

N1 Nuovomondo Collection

A new classic, style proposal that takes the taste and lines of traditional kitchens and accompanies them toward more contemporary forms and practicality of space.

This composition features a sleek linear countertop complemented by showcase wall units and central island equipped with burners and a suspended hood. The dining area, furnished with a table, chairs, and sideboard, adds the perfect finishing touch. The Quinoa and Chalk white finishes enhance the timeless elegance of the design.

N0 Nuovomondo Collection

Convivial dining room with corner kitchen with a classic taste through frames, framed doors and shelves. The furniture is in the most classic key, made of spruce wood with Clay and Linen finish.

This setup embodies the essence of tradition and old-world charm, offering spacious and convivial spaces for gatherings.

N2 Nuovomondo Collection

The kitchen, crafted from authentic spruce wood, stands as the focal point of a classic country home. Adorned in Garnet and Malt red finishes, the cabinets exude warmth and timeless elegance.

The Capretta table model adds versatility, seamlessly blending into classic, rustic, or modern settings, where wood serves as a defining element. Complemented by the lap-bench and sideboard from the Ariette line, the ensemble reinforces the kitchen’s distinctive style.

T04 Tabià Collection

The dining room exudes rustic charm, warmth, and coziness. Crafted from solid wood with Hazelnut and Slate finishes, complemented by Chalk white chairs, the furniture embodies a timeless aesthetic.

The fusion of country-inspired decor with the rugged simplicity reminiscent of mountain cabins infuses the living space with distinctive personality.