When the warmth of wood merges with stylistic simplicity, Scandola Mobili’s designer kitchens come to life, epitomized by our Eclectic collection. This collection represents a true evolution of our traditional aesthetic, embracing a more contemporary approach while utilizing oak—a material renowned for its durability, versatility, and warmth.

Scandola design kitchens encapsulate modernity and the spirit of our times, crafting impeccable spaces where the interplay of color and materials achieves perfection. The seamless integration of wall units, columns, and open base units creates fluidity while elegantly concealing appliances and countertops.

By experimenting with various finishes and heights, you can customize your designer kitchen to suit your unique decorative style.

E01 Eclettica-Continuum Collection

An example of a spacious and airy designer kitchen, perfect for large city lofts and open spaces, boasting refined details and exquisite finishes.

Crafted from beech blockboard, it showcases the exceptional craftsmanship that defines Scandola Mobili furniture. The Canneté front in oak with a Sand finish exudes a robust yet elegantly sophisticated character. At the heart of the column block, a large pantry cabinet stands out, featuring a wine cellar that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

E02 Eclettica-Continuum Collection

This modern oak kitchen features a timeless combination of wood and white finishes, offering a design that never goes out of style. With its corner composition and peninsula layout, it’s perfect for creating a spacious and functional kitchen.

The Magis front in natural oak beautifully complements the Iride front in Fumo white. To create a cohesive look, the kitchen top is finished in Chalk HPL, resulting in a tone-on-tone effect.

E03 Eclettica-Polis Collection

This composition is a reinterpretation of industrial style, blending skilled craftsmanship with urban characteristics. At its core is the essence of oak, harmonizing seamlessly with modern contexts.

What truly stands out is the combination of the lacquered Iride front with the materiality of Carbon—a finish reminiscent of burnt wood. This proposal skillfully integrates iron elements, lacquered components, and oak wood in all its variations, resulting in a captivating and dynamic design.

E04 Eclettica-Polis Collection

A gulf kitchen stands out for its intricate composition and modern aesthetic, offering an ergonomic solution for organizing various food preparation and storage areas.

The finishes evoke an industrial style, featuring metal inserts and dark colors. Wall-mounted base units showcase Telluro gray Iride fronts, while the island boasts matching finishes. Additionally, open wall units are adorned with aluminum fronts, while Magis columns feature thermocolored oak accents, adding depth and character to the overall design.

E05 Eclettica-Optima Collection

Embracing stylistic simplicity, our kitchens feature refined lines and striking framed doors reminiscent of traditional homes, yet maintain a clean and elegant aesthetic that seamlessly complements modern settings.

The finishes are light and airy, enhancing the brightness of the room. Notably, the wall units with glass doors showcase an elegant airbrushed geometric pattern, adding a touch of sophistication to the overall design.

E06 Eclettica-Optima Collection

This composition boasts a cozy dimension that optimizes space utilization, with the focal point being the Optima front—a sleek frame that nearly vanishes from sight yet exudes character.

The subtle contrast between smoky white and Sand oak finish achieves a harmonious balance. The layout features a peninsula design, with a substantial column block interspersed with an open column, ideal for wine storage or functioning as a convenient pantry space.