Sleeping area



Crafted entirely from solid wood, Scandola Mobili bedrooms are designed to evoke a sense of familiarity and coziness, providing true havens for relaxation. Wood takes center stage in each furniture piece, retaining its natural scent and authenticity.

The modular solutions offered by Scandola Mobili rooms, from the headboards to the dressers, allow for the creation of unique and personalized spaces where comfort and aesthetics seamlessly merge. Our furniture adapts to a variety of styles and caters to individual needs and preferences, ensuring a perfect fit for every customer.

M01 Maestrale Collection

This contemporary bedroom features furniture crafted from authentic solid wood with a parchment finish. Its clean lines, characteristic of modern style, are complemented by the traditional allure of wood.

While the design boasts square lines, the inherent elegance of the wood softens its austerity, rendering the bed adaptable to various styles. The bed’s supporting feet impart a sense of lightness. The Fada dresser and nightstands, aligned with the bed, round out the furnishings, while the Circus coffee table in Curry finish adds a distinct element that harmonizes with the overall aesthetic.

M07 Maestrale Collection

The standout piece in this setup is our Plana bed, crafted from solid spruce wood. It showcases four equally-sized planks that double as bedside tables.

These tops can accommodate metal trays to provide a level surface. The omission of traditional nightstands lends a distinctive charm to the bedroom. The warm, characterful color combination exudes a modern yet timeless appeal.

M09 Maestrale Collection

The wood double bedroom features an Ash finish, offering a captivating interplay of heights with alternating slats of various sizes adorning the headboard of the Barrique bed, showcasing the quality of the solid wood used.

The closet features Nora fronts with long handles and no plinth, complemented by the dresser and nightstands from the Quadra line. Completing the room is an alcove study area featuring a Chalk-colored desk, shelves, a bookcase, and an Ala chair in Savoy blue.

M11 Maestrale Collection

The contemporary master bedroom composition features Hemp and Curry finishes, showcased in the Plana bed, Quadra dresser, and six-door closet. This bold and modern combination infuses the room with the perfect atmosphere, brimming with personality.

A notable detail is the fully customizable interior of the closet, offering dividing shelves, pull-out baskets, trays with lacquered wood boxes, and various other options to suit individual needs.

M02 Maestrale Collection

The spacious Fada bed with storage takes center stage in this master bedroom, crafted from solid wood with a Parchment finish. It is complemented by the Fada nightstand, resting on a plinth coordinated with the bed in both finish and style, and a simple yet functional bookcase comprised of shelves.

The overall ambiance of the bedroom exudes a contemporary feel, bridging the gap between modernity and tradition, all the while emphasizing the inherent value of real wood.

N08 Nuovo Mondo Collection

The backdrop features shelves and paneling in a brushed fir finish, adding depth and texture to the space. The bed selected is the container version of the Tabià collection, crafted in chalk color, offering a practical solution to optimize storage space in smaller environments.

The country environment is elegant and functional.

N07 Nuovo Mondo Collection

A master bedroom where the elegance of classic taste is expressed with terse colors, for a bright furniture played between Crete color and Chalk white.

The Tabià bed and nightstands, crafted from solid spruce wood, epitomize the essence of country style, making them the perfect choice for those who appreciate a traditional yet refined aesthetic. The Tabià collection stands out for its finely crafted lines and attention to detail in every aspect.

N10 Nuovo Mondo Collection

This classic-style composition features a unique bridge closet positioned above the double bed, specifically the Rondine model.

Two open compartments integrated into the side columns serve as nightstands, preserving the traditional support function. The bridge wall and double bed showcase a brushed finish in Chalk color, while two cobalt Blue color weeklies add a striking contrast to the ensemble.

T06 Tabià Collection

True rustic style, evoking the warmth of a mountain cabin. In the center of the room we find the Tabià double bed, accompanied by the dresser, nightstands, chest and wall units, all in solid spruce wood with a Hazelnut finish.

The closet, also made of solid wood, boasts a Malto finish. Adding a touch of vibrancy to the ensemble is the Cortina chair, adorned in its original lacquered lime green color.

N04 Nuovo Mondo Collection

In this classic arrangement, the focal point is the Arcanda bed featuring a wooden headboard, flanked by two matching nightstands, a dresser, and a bookcase, all coordinated in both design and Crete finish.

The slender saber legs of the Arcanda collection add a touch of elegance. In the background, echoing the paneling, is a glimpse of a walk-in closet-like room
with a large hinged door closet, both finished in Linen.

N05 Nuovo Mondo Collection

The attic sleeping area is adorned with classic furniture, creating a cozy and luminous master bedroom with a Chalk and Crete finish.

The ambiance exudes a romantic charm, while also demanding some design ingenuity to optimize the space effectively. Customization stands out as one of our key strengths in furnishing such unique spaces.