Attic bedroom: decorating tips

The attic room is a special room in the house that is often not put to good use. It is actually an extra space that can lend itself to endless uses, one of them being turning it into the children’s bedroom. But how to furnish the attic bedroom? It’s certainly not an easy task, but by paying attention to a few elements you can create a functional and above all child-friendly room.

Ready to find out how? In our article we outline all our suggestions for a successful decor..

Attic bedrooms: observe the space

Before starting the design of the bedroom, it is good to observe the space available. As a rule, attics are characterized by the presence of the sloping roof, so the peculiarity of these rooms is to have spaces with high ceilings and others with lower ceilings. They also generally have higher heights than the norm.

Once the space has been analyzed, you can move on to design, following our useful tips.

The characteristics of the attic room.

Tips for decorating the attic bedroom.

Furnishing an attic bedroom can be a breeze, but sometimes it can turn into quite a puzzle. Being able to evenly distribute spaces can be difficult, but by dividing the room into the three basic areas (sleeping, study/play, storage) you can solve the puzzle and find the right layout.

But before analysing individual spaces, let’s focus on the choice of colors, a key aspect of decorating all rooms in the house.

The choice of colors

The attic room is often not very bright because the openings to the outside are represented by skylights that cast a vertical light. In dimly rooms, it is preferable to choose light and illuminating colors, such as white. Of course, we are not talking about making a total white room, after all, we are always making the children’s room! So you can mix colors by, for example, inserting colorful carpets, or fun wallpaper.

In short, white and light colors are the background, but accents of bright colors should not be missing.

The colors of the attic bedroom set

Where to place the wardrobe

The wardrobe is undoubtedly the element that requires the most space. Therefore, it is ideal to place it in the highest part of the room. If possible, it is good to be able to position it so that the wall always has the same height, to avoid oversizing. If the room does not allow this, of course, you can resort to oversizing. Scandola Mobili makes solid wood wardrobe that follow the slope of the roof for truly customized furniture.

In small spaces such as those in the attic, it is good to opt for a wardrobe with sliding doors rather than one with hinged doors, thus avoiding the clutter of doors when open.

If you need more storage space – with children, it’s never enough! You can take advantage of the lower parts of the roof to make storage units with drawers. This way you make use of a space that is difficult to use and find room for the thousand toys of the little ones.

The attic wardrobe

The bed

The position of the bed can also be found in the part where the roof is lowered. The minimum height of the roof to be able to position the cot is 140 cm, so it is easy to use for children and young people without the risk of a knock on the head.

In the attic bedroom, attention must also be paid to the position of the bed in relation to the skylights. In fact, it is good not to place the bed just under the opening because it is less isolated than the rest of the roof, and can therefore turn colder in winter and warmer in summer.

As seen above, the mansards can also have a higher height than normal, so why not use it with a bunk bed or loft solutions? Ideal especially for large families, they can be well adapted to the attic.

The mezzanines in the attic.

The study area

Ideal for the study area would be a location under a window so that it receives natural light. The desk, easily made to measure, can also be placed in the area where the roof begins to descend since it is used while sitting. In any case, the fundamental aspect is that it receives enough natural light and that it is not placed in a corner that conveys the idea of closed and prison if not the concentration fails.

In today’s article we analyzed the critical aspects of the attic bedroom and illustrated some ways to solve them.


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