Our history

For over 50 years, wood has been our enduring passion. It serves as the cornerstone of our craftsmanship, reflecting the essence of our territory, Lessinia. With its innate warmth and natural fragrance, wood is the quintessential element that imbues the homes and accommodations we select.

We hold great reverence for wood and strive to enhance its authentic essence in every aspect of our work.


In 1976, Carlo Scandola embarked on his journey by establishing his workshop, merging two crucial elements: the expertise acquired from artisan workshops in the Verona region and a deep-seated desire to enrich the surrounding landscape. With unwavering determination, he invested his life savings into this venture, establishing its inaugural location in Bosco Chiesanuova, nestled in the Lessini mountains on the outskirts of Verona, 1,100 meters above sea level.

Beneath Carlo Scandola’s entrepreneurial prowess lies a subtle yet palpable aspiration: to attract and empower the local workforce and ensure the vitality and permanence of his village.

The journey from our first catalogs for local sales to our expansion across Italy and beyond was swift. Carlo Scandola’s professionalism, coupled with his willingness and enthusiasm, garnered recognition, propelling him toward ambitious projects that envisioned the future. Despite his stylistic innovation, Carlo never forgot tradition; he understood that roots serve as the foundation for new ideas.

This ethos led to collaborations with steadfast and talented designers whose expertise facilitated the exploration of new furnishing themes, previously underexplored. These collaborations propelled the company toward new challenges and frontiers.

Today, we owe our success to Carlo: a company that epitomizes 100% Italian craftsmanship, cherishing and respecting nature while working tirelessly with boundless passion. We are proud that our more than 50 employees, agents, and retailers share these values with us and believe, like us, in the power of people.

Presently, our headquarters span over 10,000 square meters, with a sales network reaching across Italy, Austria, Germany, Ukraine, Russia, France, Greece, and several other Northern European countries.