Country style home furnishing: ideas and tips

Choosing the style of home decor is perhaps the most difficult choice of all. In fact, it is what will determine the character of the entire house and that will guide the choice of coverings and furnishings. Today we present a much loved and often identified style with our brand: the country style.

The Tabià collection has been designed for those who want to furnish a warm and welcoming environment, reminiscent of the country houses of the past, but not too rustic. The country responds to this goal and continues to fascinate a lot. But it is important to know all its characteristics closely to create truly unique environments.

In this article we decided to create a guide that will show you the main features of the style of furniture and the guidelines for decorating room by room.

The birth of the country style

To know this style of furniture closely, it is important to start from its origins, only in this way you can in fact understand well the final result. It is a style that has its roots far away, in the France of Louis XIV, in the seventeenth century, when the king decided to renew Versailles with a simpler and more rural style, typical of the southern regions and Provence in particular.

The austere and very classic style typical of Parisian residences has been contaminated by a more simple and welcoming style, thus laying the foundations of what would later become the country style. Needless to say, it immediately experienced a huge success, not for nothing has reached us, obviously with some modification and adaptation with the passage of time.

Not only that, it has crossed national borders and created other currents, let’s see them briefly together.

English country

The country style soon arrived in England, where it was welcomed and adapted to the local tradition. Some cornerstones remain, such as the choice of materials, but with the fabrics is played on sharper contrasts and more contrasting colors. It is a more frank and decisive style, less rich in frills and furnishings.

American country

The European settlers brought with them to the New World the furnishing style of the houses. This is how the American country style was born, which has more rustic features than the original and a greater presence of stone, both for the floors and for the coating of the home walls.

Modern country

But nowadays the country style has remained as it is? Obviously not, and as we will see during the article, it has been updated. But it has also mutated into a more modern style, the modern country. It is an idea of furniture that bases its roots on contrasts, both chromatic and material, but also on lines. As an example: in a super modern kitchen can be inserted some elements, such as the pantry cabinet, historical, and the set is amazing. Be careful though that it is really difficult to furnish home in this style without making a nonsense mess. If you choose this route it is good to rely on a professional..

What materials to prefer

Let’s now discover the foundations of country furniture. Being a traditional style it is obvious to say that the materials to be preferred are the natural ones, so wood and stone.

The floor can be covered with a light colored parquet or with stone. But the furniture is undoubtedly all solid wood: on this point you can not compromise!

Some details can be made of iron, such as decorations and lighting. Wicker baskets of different sizes and shapes serve instead to maintain order and make the environment more welcoming.

For fabrics, especially in the sleeping area and in the living room, it is good to choose natural fibres and with rough texture.

The colours of the country style

The colour palette to be put together to furnish the various rooms of the house in this style must refer to nature. The wood colour is therefore present, especially in its lighter colours. In fact, don’t forget that the environments of the country houses are large and bright and that therefore a dark wood colour would bugger the whole.

White is another great protagonist, both for the furniture and for the walls. Let’s not forget to choose other shades of light colour, but bright, such as green, blue or pink. On the whole, it should look welcoming and lively.

Room-by-room furnishings

Let’s now look at the room-by-room characteristics of country furniture. Without prejudice to the materials and colors, which are the same room by room, we will see some typical characteristics of the different areas of the house.

The country kitchen

Let’s start from the heart of the house: the kitchen. This is where country style gives its best, creating environments with a strong aesthetic impact. Needless to say, the kitchen will have a classic style, so frame doors and worked lines. But don’t think about the classic compositions rich in details, the country clean up the unnecessary decorations thus creating compositions that stand between the classic style and the simplicity of the rustic style.

For the arrangement of the composition there are no guidelines, undoubtedly the traditional disposition par excellence is the corner one, but there are beautiful examples of country kitchens with island or peninsula.

Pay attention to the choice of appliances: if visible they must have vintage lines, as well as the choice of mixers to prefer brass.

Finally, don’t forget that often in the kitchen there was also a dining area. Then dining table and chairs in addition to a large sideboard with display cabinet,always space permitting.

For a concrete example you can refer to the Tabià T01 country kitchen.

Features country living room

The living room is the place of relaxation, where the whole family performs their favourite activities. Who is dedicated to reading, who to watch the TV who to play the most varied hobbies. The space must therefore be designed according to the needs of the members of the family, without forgetting some characteristics.

What should not be missing:

  • a large sofa with soft lines;
  • a cupboard to display the good service or alternatively a cupboard;
  • an old trunk or an old suitcase.

And then customize the environment with textiles and natural fabrics to make it cozy, as well as with other furniture.

If you want to deepen the topic here is an article made just to guide you in the furniture of the country living room:

The sleeping area

Let’s move on to the bedroom, the most intimate room in the house. Here the country style is realized with a beautiful wooden bed that dominates the centre of the room. The sheets and blankets are perfect in natural colours and can also be chosen with floral theme.

To complete the room there are bedside tables and dressers that reflect the lines of the bed. Finally, the wardrobe, large and strictly with frame doors.

The Tabià notte collection by Scandola Mobili fully expresses this style of furniture.

The country bathroom

Let’s not forget the bathroom, even here the country style can be fully interpreted by choosing all the elements correctly.

Preferably, wood should also be present here, even in the flooring. But if you are afraid, you can always choose a natural stone as an alternative. The coating must be clear and illuminating.

The toilets have classic lines and are preferably not suspended, but column. Pay attention to the choice of mixers, which must be in vintage style and brass colour.

And now let’s move on to the question that always arises when furnishing a bathroom: better to choose the bathtub or shower? Let’s say that preferably, for a perfect bathroom, it would be better to choose a bathtub, maybe free installation with elegant feet. But if our habits or space do not allow it, a shower is also fine.

In the article we have known more closely the country style, illustrated features and indicating some guidelines to furnish all the rooms of the house.


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