Double bed measurements: everything you need to know

The double bed is the undisputed star of the bedroom. It is the piece of furniture that is chosen first, and it is often chosen more for its style than for its size. However, it is important to evaluate double bed measurements well so as not to risk having a bed that is too big and thus have clutter in the movement.

So let’s take a look together at standard double bed sizes and their larger and smaller siblings.

Standard double bed measurements

What determines the size of the standard double bed is not the size of the bed itself, but rather the size of the bed base and mattress that are to be housed inside it. In fact, as we will see later, the total size of the bed depends a lot on the structure; there are larger structures and simpler, more minimal structures.

The standard double bed measurements in Italy are 160×190 cm. This is the measure that has been recognized as normal for many years, although lately companies producing beds, bed bases and mattresses also offer the measure 160×200 cm. The basic rule for choosing the right mattress length is to calculate 20 cm more than the height of the person sleeping in the bed. Thus, the double bed frame size has a width of 160 cm and can have a length of 190 or 200 cm.

Another measurement that is often overlooked is the height of the mattress: it should be around 20 cm to ensure a good rest. Then depending on the mattress model chosen it can be slightly higher or lower.

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An increasingly popular double bed model is the bed with storage. The dimensions of the double bed with storage are usually the same as the double bed, so 160×200 cm or 160×190 cm. The only difference is that the bed frame reaches to the floor.

French double bed size

The French bed is a smaller double bed. We wrote a nice in-depth article on this bed, so we won’t go into much explanation, but we’ll leave you the link. However, it is enough to know that the French double bed has dimensions of 140×190 cm or 140×200 cm.

A halfway point between the French bed and the standard double bed is represented by the Queen Size bed. The measurements of the queen size bed are usually 150X190 cm or 150X200 cm. It is a bed used mostly in English-speaking countries and not very widespread in Italy.

King-size bed size

The king size bed, as opposed to the French bed, is larger in size. It is a maxi double bed, so it measures 180×190 cm or 180×200 cm. It is ideal for couples who like to sleep comfortably or for families. It is known that the appeal of the big bed is unbeatable for little ones.

To be carefully considered is the size of the room because obviously the total footprint of this bed is larger than that of a standard double bed. A tip for those who can’t give up the king-size bed. If the room is small but you still want to sleep wide, you can think about buying a maxi double bed, but with storage. This way the storage underneath can replace the presence of a dresser in the room or you may need a smaller closet.

Before buying king size beds also inquire about the cost of the bed base and mattress, because they are not always available and some cases you have to resort to custom made, as well as for bedding.

Total king-size bed size

The total double bed size obviously depends not only on the size of the mattress and the bed base, but also on the size of the frame. Depending on the model chosen there are more or less bulky beds. Generally speaking, a wrought iron double bed will have a smaller footprint than an upholstered double bed because it is very minimal in its lines. Wooden beds, on the other hand, have very different models, so there are minimal solutions that take up little space and much bulkier solutions.

The double sommier is undoubtedly the bed that takes up the least space. The standard double sommier bed size is equal to the size of the bed base. In fact, it is a bed without a headboard whose structure is low and usually does not protrude from the bed base and mattress. As for normal beds, they present a length that exceeds 200 cm and the width is around 170 cm for the simplest models up to 190 cm for the most worked ones.

Prices of double beds

The price of double beds depends on many aspects, the main one is undoubtedly the material chosen. It is therefore difficult to give an unambiguous idea of price, but if you want you can contact a reseller to get a first price idea of your favourite model.

If you are left with any questions or concerns about double bed sizes or are curious about the dimensions of one of our double beds, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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