Measures bedside tables: how to choose them correctly

When designing the bedroom a fundamental choice is that of bedside tables. It seems a minor complement, it plays a fundamental role and if not selected carefully can become very uncomfortable to use. In fact, the measures bedside tables are essential to have a functional complement and easy to use.

In this article, therefore, we would like to guide you in the knowledge of the standard sizes of bedside tables, then focusing on some special cases, such as the bed with integrated bedside tables or bedside tables suspended bedroom.

Basic information on bedside table bedroom measurements

As with double beds, there are no standardized sizes for bedside tables. Much depends on the chosen design, material and shape. There will be bedside tables with abundant proportions, large cubes, or very simple and super linear coffee tables up to the minimal shelves.

In classic bedrooms bedside tables are always paired and strictly coordinated with the style of bed and dresser. Nowadays the trend is changing and it is not uncommon to find a bedroom with two different bedside tables. For example, with two pieces of recovery, on one side a wooden stool and on the other an old metal office chest of drawers.

However, there is only one rule to make the choice functional and not regret after a short time of purchase: the height of the bedside table should not be too far or too low at the height of the bed with the mattress. In fact, both if it is too high and if it is too low it will be difficult to turn off the alarm, take the book or phone. So, the only real rule is this, mostly for a convenience of use.

Moreover, for a matter of optical balance it is always better that next to a low and minimal bed are equally minimal bedside tables, while next to a classic bed are perfect carved bedside tables rather than minimal solutions.

What are the standard bedside measures?

As seen above, there are no standard measurements for the bedside table, but they can vary greatly depending on the model chosen. In general, we can say that the height of these night complements varies from a minimum of 30 cm to a maximum of 70 cm, the width between 35 cm and 70 cm, while the depth varies less and oscillates between 30 cm and 50 cm.

Obviously, the ones indicated are the extreme measures, most bedside tables will have sizes that are located in the middle. Now let’s see the size of some models of bedside tables.

Measures modern bedside tables

Modern bedside tables usually have simpler and squarer lines than classic bedside tables, but this doesn’t mean that they have smaller dimensions. In fact, modern bedside tables have particular designs and it is not unusual to find them with particular dimensions,such as 60 cm wide, 55 cm deep and 26 cm high. For example, the Quadra bedside table with a drawer by Scandola Mobili has the following dimensions: L. 55 cm, P. 55 cm, H. 25,5 cm.

Measures suspended bedside tables

Especially if you have little space, suspended bedside tables can be a good solution. Here too, there are different forms and measures and it is difficult to give precise indications. If you want a suspended bedside table with a drawer the dimensions are about: L. 44 cm, P. 34.5 cm and H. 30 cm. Then there are much more minimal solutions represented by a simple shelf hanging on the wall and in this case the dimensions may vary depending on our needs because we will no longer be bound to the presence of a drawer.

Double bed with integrated bedside tables measures

Another space-saving solution is represented by bed models with integrated bedside tables. These solutions are particularly suitable for narrow bedrooms where normal bedside tables would not fit because you have little side space. Beds with integrated bedside tables, however, are nothing more than tops that extend from the bed and thus help save space.

An example is the Plana bed by Scandola Mobili that has boards that extend to form comfortable bedside tables The total width measure is 280 cm, so if you have a wall of 280 cm there is a bed and bedside table to perfection. As a rule, the total footprint of the double bed with bedside tables is 320 cm, so the solution with integrated bedside tables can save as much as 40 cm.

In this article we have seen what the measures bedside tables with some insight into cases are.


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