Modern design kitchens: how to furnish them

Simple, linear but at the same time with a strong impact: modern design kitchens immediately hit the mark.. That’s why many of us want them to furnish our homes, but there is often a risk of falling into banality and choosing compositions or finishes seen and reviewed, thus realizing a kitchen that has nothing original about it.

Designing the modern kitchen does not necessarily mean choosing a composition without handles linear and total white, but rather it is possible to experiment and thus realize an original and super custom kitchen. In today’s article we guide you precisely to the realization of original design kitchens.

The layout

Modern design kitchens usually have an island layout. This is due to the fact that modern apartments have large open spaces, and the best way to make the living room and kitchen talk to each other is to create a kitchen with an island or peninsula.

But if you love the design style but do not have such a large room, you can always resort to other arrangements. For example, a linear kitchen can go very well in rectangular shaped room, or a more traditional corner kitchen is perfect for square or otherwise quite large rooms.

Therefore, to design original modern kitchens it is not necessary to dwell on the choice of an island layout, but rather it is good to analyze your needs and the shape of the room and choose the layout that best suits them.

Modern design kitchens: the winning combinations

Total white is definitely one of the most popular choices for those who choose design kitchens. Actually, it is not a forced choice, but rather there are many other solutions. In fact, an all-white kitchen is often difficult to achieve, because it tends to make the environment aseptic and unwelcoming. But we know that modern style can also create cozy environments that make you feel truly at home.

So we have collected some ideas for designing a modern kitchen with other finishes and colors than classic white.

Wood and light lacquer finishes

Wood is capable of immediately warming the environment in which it is placed. So why not use it to create an eye-catching modern kitchen? Ideally, combine wood stain with light lacquer finishes, such as a clay or taupe color or even white. This way you get a refined and elegant environment.

We leave some photos for you to take inspiration from:

Playing on contrasts

If you want to give a strong character to your kitchen composition, then the undoubtedly best solution is to play on contrasts. Black and white is often the most popular solution, but you can also create less sharp and more elegant contrasts, such as white and grey or light shades and dark wood color, or more exuberant contrasts such as black and red.

Need photos for inspiration? Here are ours!

Designing original modern design kitchens is easy by following our advice and examples.


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