Peninsula stools: how to choose them

The stool is a type of seat typical of bars, but it is also becoming increasingly popular in home furnishing. It is in fact useful for a variety of uses, from the kitchen to the living area. For example, peninsula stools are useful when the kitchen has a peninsula or island with a snack counter that is used for quick snacks or breakfast. There are now many types on the market, from the high kitchen stool to the island stool. Let’s look together at the main characteristics for choosing the right ones and, above all, the correct height.

Stool height: how to choose it

The main aspect to consider when buying kitchen stools is height. There are in fact high stools, low stools, fixed stools, or adjustable stools: how to find your way around this vast choice?

Let’s start with the base: for a stool to be comfortable to use, it must be 25 to 35 cm lower than the table top or snack bar. A peninsula stool for a standard kitchen height should be a maximum of 62 cm high. In fact, considering a kitchen with a 12 cm high plinth, 72 cm high base units and a 3 cm high worktop, the total height is 87 cm.

Then of course it all depends on the composition of the island or peninsula. If you have an island with a 7 cm high snack counter above, you will need to use higher stools even up to a maximum height of 69 cm. The ideal solution is in any case to choose adjustable stools. This way, the height can be adjusted both with respect to the position in which they are placed and to the person using them. Depending on the person sitting down, they may find it more comfortable to raise the seat or lower it. It is indeed essential that kitchen stools are comfortable for all users,

Safety, comfort and practicality: how to choose the perfect peninsula stools.

When choosing kitchen stools, it is important to pay attention to several factors in addition to height.

Let’s consider the safety factor, for example. Especially if there are children in the house, it is important to choose stools that are as stable as possible. Those with four legs are preferable, as they provide more support. In any case, those with a central leg should not be underestimated. In fact, kitchen counter stools with only one central leg usually have a very heavy base that contributes to the stability of the structure.

If we move on to consider comfort, there are several factors to consider:

  • backrest
  • armrests
  • footrest

Let’s start with the backrest. A stool with a high backrest undoubtedly guarantees greater comfort than one without. It is the obligatory choice of those who own a snack counter that they use every day for dining. In this case, it is essential that the stool has a backrest to ensure proper support. It is difficult to find high-backed stools on the market; they are usually found with a barely-there backrest to maintain the clean design that characterises these types of seats. Indeed, the high stool tends to impact on the cleanliness and linearity of the kitchen, but comfort must always be carefully considered.

Stools with armrests are rare because they are bulkier and, above all, have a greater impact on aesthetics. In any case, their comfort is unparalleled: you will feel as if you are sitting on real raised armchairs.

Finally, it is important that the stool has a footrest. This is especially useful for people of small stature but is also useful for taller people. For comfort, one can also consider choosing peninsula stools with a padded seat.

When looking at the practical aspect of the stool, one must consider its use. If we use the stool for the peninsula, it may be useful to choose a swivel one: in this way it can be used both for eating and for watching television or chatting with guests.

In addition, the material must be evaluated to facilitate cleaning. Stools are usually made of wood, plastic or iron. The material should of course be chosen according to the style of furniture in the house: if the house has a classic style we will choose stools made of solid wood, if the house has a modern, minimalist style we can choose plastic materials. Both types of material are easy to clean and do not require special care.

If there are other chairs in the kitchen it is a good idea to choose stools that co-ordinate with them, perhaps in the same colour if we cannot find any with a similar shape. Scandola Mobili offers stools with the same lines as the chairs, to facilitate matching.

Kitchen stool prices

The price of a kitchen stool varies greatly depending on the features it possesses. It is therefore difficult to give a general and unambiguous idea of price. A pair of cheap kitchen stools starts at € 50-60 upwards. Then of course the more features you add, the higher the price goes. For example, a good adjustable stool costs about € 70. The solid wood stools offered by Scandola have a list price starting at € 150. It is therefore easy to see how the price range varies considerably from one to another.

In the article we have analysed the features of the peninsula stools, if you are still in doubt write to us.


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