Single bed measurements: everything you need to know

Choosing bedroom furniture often starts with the bed. It is the main element and the one that must be chosen most carefully to guarantee the right amount of rest. But what are single bed measurements? It is essential to know the dimensions of the bed in order to best calculate the overall dimensions and best arrange the furniture.

Standard single bed dimensions

Single bed dimensions are usually defined by the size of the mattress. The standard sizes of single beds on the market are:

  • Standard single bed: 80×190 / 195 / 200
  • Large single bed: 90×190 / 195 / 200
  • Maxi single bed: 100×190 / 195 / 200

As you can see, the standard in width starts at 80 cm up to a maximum of 100 cm. As far as length is concerned, beds with a 190 cm mattress used to be preferred, but nowadays people prefer to buy larger mattresses, so the 200 cm length has become standard.

The single bed is usually purchased when the child is small. However, let us not forget that children grow quickly, and we prefer, if space permits, to purchase a cot that is slightly larger than a smaller one. Single cot sizes should therefore be chosen carefully.

The overall size of the bed depends on the bed model chosen. An upholstered and worked bed takes up more space than a simple wooden bed frame. There are also different widths among the models offered by Scandola. For example, the Arcanda bed with the machined legs has a width of 117 cm for a 90 cm mattress, while the Tabià bed is the most compact and only takes up 99 cm in width, i.e. 9 cm more than the mattress.

The same applies to the length. It goes without saying that a bed without headboard takes up less space than one complete with headboard and footboard. Bed dimensions therefore vary greatly depending on the model chosen. For all information on Scandola bed dimensions you can download the pdf with details by clicking on the button below and filling in the form. You will receive by email a document with all the single bed measurements.

Single bed measurements: bed height from the floor

The height of the bed from the floor depends on both the bed frame and the height of the mattress. As a rule, for a mattress to be comfortable, it must have a minimum height of 18 cm and can go up to a maximum height of 30 cm. For a bed to be comfortable both to sleep on and to make, it should have a height that allows an adult to sit on it with legs bent at 90°.

Of course we are talking about beds that are commonly used in Italy, because if you look to the East, beds are often laid on the floor. Tatamis, for example, have no structure to lift them off the ground. They are great for a Montessori-style bedroom, but can become uncomfortable over time for daily make-up activities.

In any case, special care should be taken when choosing a mattress for children because this is where they spend 1/3 of their lives. It is therefore a good idea to choose a mattress that gives the right support and that supports the back properly as they grow. We have written an in-depth article to guide you to the best choice of mattress for children.

Single beds

Often associated with single beds, single beds are usually used for older children’s or singles’ rooms, although double or French beds are usually preferred. The standard size of a single bed is 120×190 / 195 / 200 cm. It is therefore to all intents and purposes a wider single bed and can sometimes be used to accommodate two people.

If you want to learn more about the measurements of single beds, you can read our dedicated article:

Single beds to size

Depending on one’s needs, our single beds can be made to measure. These are special circumstances, because a made-to-measure bed also presupposes the purchase of a made-to-measure mattress and special bedding. The biggest requests are to reduce the size in cases where the room is really small, or conversely, when the children are particularly tall, we have been asked to make the bed for a 210 or 220 cm mattress. The single bed is purchased for quite a long time, so if necessary it is a good idea to resort to made-to-measure proposals.

Scandola Mobili will in any case meet your requests and will try in every way to find the solution that best suits your needs.

Prices of single beds

As we have seen, bed sizes and construction materials are really wide and varied. It is therefore really difficult to give an unambiguous price indication. The variety and variability is so great that it is really difficult. However, if you would like to know the prices of our single beds, you can contact a reseller to get a first price idea of your favourite model.


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