Social impact

We were born, raised and want to remain in Lessinia, in the mountains of Verona, where the art of woodworking is an enduring tradition passed down from one generation to the next.


Our connection with our territory and the surrounding community is genuine and deep.
It grows stronger each day through the interactions, relationships, and shared endeavors that involve our company in the betterment of our country’s welfare.

Ever since the founder, Carlo Scandola, decided to invest all his savings in a company that would value the mountain and its inhabitants and to this day, the perspective has never changed.

Over the years, we have integrated the entire production chain within our operations, fostering the skilled labor of our surrounding community, with a growing focus on engaging young people.
This approach ensures the utmost quality, as every aspect of our products is meticulously crafted by our hands.

Our doors are always open to anyone who wants to contribute to making Bosco Chiesanuova a reference point for authentic, quality Italian wood furniture.