Wood, our soul and our commitment to the future

Wood reigns as the central figure in our region, Lessinia.
For 50 years, we have dedicated ourselves to harnessing and showcasing its beauty through our furniture. We select it with utmost care and responsibility, fully honoring this precious gift bestowed upon us by nature.

Raw material: quality and ethics

We source our wood from Northern Europe, drawn to its quality ensured by the slow growth during the extended winters. Additionally, we value the ethically responsible practices of this region, which prioritize the preservation of the entire forest heritage. These practices not only guarantee sustained growth but also meticulously control the entire timber handling chain, aligning with our commitment to environmental sustainability.

Resource: renewable and recyclable

Wood is a precious resource cherished for its renewability, environmental friendliness, and recyclability.
Unlike many materials, its presence doesn’t contribute to pollution; instead, it combats it by absorbing CO2 and releasing oxygen during its lifecycle. Moreover, younger trees replacing those harvested absorb even more carbon dioxide, as it’s vital for their growth. This unique capability makes wood an invaluable ally in the fight against climate change.

Guarantee: durability and a sustainable vision for the future

It is a guarantee for the future, not only because furniture made of noble or solid wood is durable, but more importantly because it helps combat global warming. Choosing reforested areas increases CO2 absorption and makes for a healthier climate.