Two-tone kitchens: the new trend

In the tradition the kitchens have always been of a single colour, with the kitchen top that could possibly act as a contrast to give movement to the composition. In fact, in recent times, two-tone kitchens are becoming increasingly fashionable because they can create environments of character and highly personalized.

But it is not easy to choose the right combinations and dose the colours. That’s why we decided to write this article in which we will show you some tips for choosing colour and we will show you some examples to take inspiration from, from the most sober to the most daring.

Let’s find out how to design two-tone kitchens.

Some tips to choose the right combination

Before you start designing our two-tone kitchen, it is better to take a moment to read these tips to avoid mistakes. The first advice is to choose combinations that we like, but that are not too bold not to risk that in the long run they can tire us. Then they are perfect evergreen combinations such as white and black, or white and red for those who want to dare more, but better to avoid bold combinations such as green and blue, or red and yellow.

Secondly, it is good to carefully dose the two chosen colours. The best solution is to make one predominate over the other. In kitchens of two colours in fact there is never an equal division of elements of one colour and elements of another, but we tend to make them prevail over each other. This is to create harmony and optical balance.

Now we are ready to present you our examples of two-tone kitchens.

Two-tone kitchens: grey and white

The first example we show is a classic combination that never goes out of fashion: grey and white. This combination can create environments with a strong elegance and aesthetic presence and is suitable for different styles of furniture. In fact, you can have two-tone modern kitchens or two-tone classic kitchens with white and grey.

In the example shown in the picture the choice of the division of the two colours was made by painting the columns of grey and the island of white. In this case an off-white was used, a white with grey inside to make the combination extremely harmonious. The white kitchen top with grey veins completes the composition.

Brown and orange for a bold modern kitchen

Another approach that always works is mixing brown with orange. They are in fact two colours that blend perfectly and can create modern environments of great impact.

In the kitchen that we propose in this example, the dark brown colour has been used for the bases and the back, while the orange was reserved for the wall cabinets and the shelves of the wall units. It is obviously a bold choice, not suitable for everyone, but perfect for modern two-tone kitchens, where the strong contrast creates a strong point.

Classic two-tone kitchen: blue and beige

To create a classic two-tone kitchen one of the most refined and refined combinations is blue and beige or off-white. They come in fact to create refined environments with a touch of retro. Blue is in fact the perfect colour to create classic environments with a vintage taste, the important thing is to choose the right shade. In the kitchen in the picture was chosen denim blue, a dark blue shade decided and deep.

The chromatic combination was realized by colouring the bases in blue and choosing the beige colour for the columns. The idea of mixing the two colours on the table and the benches was very original.

Two shades of grey for contemporary two-tone kitchen

A really refined combination is between two shades of grey, a lighter and a more decisive. Among the many finishes of Scandola production there are different possibilities, for this composition slate and graphite were chosen. As you can see, much of the composition was made in the darkest colour, while only the back and the kitchen island in the lighter finish. This creates a pleasant chromatic balance.

The combination of tradition: white and brown

Traditional two-tone kitchens usually have a combination that never goes out of fashion: white and wood. It is in fact a very apt combination and for this reason it has been taken up by other styles of furniture, for example the Nordic style kitchens often present this combination.

In the kitchen, for example, most of the furniture is in wood, while the peninsula was made in snow colour, a white colour that fits perfectly to the composition.

Since the two-tone kitchens are returning to great fashion we have collected some ideas to help you in the choice of colour combinations.


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