Wooden bunk beds

If you have more than one child a bunk bed is often the best way to furnish their bedroom because it makes the most of any room by fitting two beds in the space of one.

Bunks beds are a typical space-saving solution that is often very useful to furnish children’s bedrooms because it fits two beds in the space of one. Bunk beds,  available in various models in terms of design and functionalities, are offered together with the other authentic wood furniture made by Scandola Mobili for children. As well as traditional bunk beds fitted one on top of the other, Scandola also offers non-aligned bunk beds with integrated bringing wardrobes or bunk beds with the lower bunk at right angles with the upper one and lots of ideas for classic-style bunk or loft beds . If you need a bunk bed but don’t want it to be too high up, you can even choose our mini version with two pullout beds.

The classic-style Erika bunk bed can be divided into two floor-standing beds and is perfect for rustic settings such as mountain chalets but can also be paired with New Classic furniture like the Nuovo Mondo collection by Scandola Mobili. One of its most appreciated features is the possibility of dividing the bunk bed into two, identical single beds which makes Erika very versatile and gives the family the possibiity of reorganising the bedroom as children get older. The Luna bunk bed has a simple, traditional line with a very safe ladder and guard ideal for small children and youngsters. The Armonia model is an extremely versatile bunk bed system that ranges from a simple version with a ladder to loft beds accessed by means of stairs with drawers and a baseboard. This model is available with two beds or with one loft bed and an underlying study area with a desk.

The quality of Scandola Mobili’s bunk beds is guaranteed by very accurate production processes that combine care for every joinery detail with the efficiency of a modern furniture factory and the completely natural material used, i.e: only solid spruce wood . All the beds are designed to accommodate beech slatted bases and the bunk beds fit 80 or 90 cm wide single mattresses.