Classic single beds

Beds for children’s bedrooms: single beds in genuine solid wood, natural like the truest of things.

Scandola Mobili offer a catalogue full of single beds in wood that are ideal to furnish a children’s bedroom. These beds range from the simplest, consisting of a wooden bed frame without a headboard, to more elaborate versions like the Tabià single bed – the star of country-style bedrooms – or classic single beds such as the Luna, Erika and Rondine models. The Arcanda bed is also available with an upholstered headboard while there are also storage versions such as Luna and Tabià and the Armonia bed that comes with roomy drawers fitted under it. The Armonia model in authentic wood is also available with a trundle bed for sleepover guests. Beds of various sizes can be found in the classic Scandola Mobili catalogue: standard 80 cm beds, or the more comfortable 90 cm beds that are preferred by older kids and teens. Mattresses lie on comfortable, ergonomic, orthopaedic slatted bases in beechwood. Authentic wood, a 100% natural material, and completely non-toxic water-based varnishes guarantee the safety and wellbeing of children and young people as well as a healthy night’s rest. The beds made by Scandola Mobili can be complemented by coordinated classic bedside tables but also by wardrobes and study areas for an unmistakably stylish bedroom that pairs tradition with design. Two single beds standing side by side make a simple and functional bedroom for two children but, if you are looking for a more comfortable solution and you have the space, a queen-size bed can be chosen instead.