Chests-of-drawers, bedside tables and tall boys

Chests-of-drawers, bedside tables and tall boys in genuine wood furnish the children’s or master bedroom with the beauty of tradition.

To complement beds and furnish the master bedroom, Scandola suggests chests-of-drawers and bedside tables in solid wood; bedroom furniture that is coordinated starting from the tall boy and finishing up with the drawer unit.

A bedside table is an essential part of a master bedroom and a child’s bedroom. The bedside table top is useful to rest glasses, jewellery or a book on before falling asleep but it can also be used to stand a bedside table lamp on. Furthermore, this cabinet often includes one or two drawers. If space is at a premium, a wall-hung bedside table, which takes up less space and is more discreet than a conventional one, can effectively meet requirements and is perfect for a top bunk too. One bedside table is more than sufficient for a single room but, for the sake of symmetry, a master bedroom requires two cabinets.

Lingerie, other garments and even jewellery can be put away in a chest-of-drawers or in a drawer unit. Our drawer units are roomy and come with large drawers and a mid-height top that can be used to stand objects on. A classic chest-of-drawers is often complemented by a mirror. The Ariette chest-of-drawers perfectly suits the classic and new classic styles of the Nuovo Mondo collection while the Tabià model is more suited to country or rural style furniture.

Tall boys are narrower than chests-of-drawers but their height – which can accommodate more drawers – makes up for the storage capacity they lose in width.  The advantage of a tall boy consists in having a greater quantity of smaller drawers that can be used to more accurately organise objects and garments.

The master bedroom furniture usually consists of two bedside tables and one chest-of-drawers. If space is not sufficient for a wide drawer unit it can be replaced by a chest-of-drawers or a tall boy or even two twin tall boys for those who prefer to divide up their belongings in various drawers. Scandola Mobili’s bedroom furniture is coordinated with both its solid wood and upholstered beds, but in particular with its classic-style double beds.

Scandola Mobili’s drawer units are crafted paying utmost attention to aesthetic detail and quality, starting from the material (solid spruce wood) and finishing with the drawer runners that always benefit from slow-close Blum mechanisms. Drawer handles, colours and finishes can all be customised while the actual chests-of-drawers and bedside tables can be chosen to suit one’s tastes and the style of the bedroom.