Traditional dressers

Dressers are antique pieces of furniture that stand in a reception room and in the dining room, embodying the charm of bygone days revived by the contemporary lines presented by Scandola Mobili.

The dresser is the reception room’s most important cabinet, almost indispensable in a dining room to store plates, glasses, crockery and other tableware. It is also the perfect piece of furniture for the living room, especially if it has a glass display top section. Scandola offers dressers of various sizes: low dressers, dressers with glass display and cupboard top sections.  Our dressers come with two, three or four doors and can adapt to various settings and spaces. The low dresser, or buffet cabinet, can also be used to stand a TV set or a vase of flowers on. On the other hand, the tall dresser has a glazed top section that can showcase precious utensils or crockery.

Wood is a sound material that guarantees completely natural quality. Scandola selects the best spruce from Scandinavia and the region around Salzburg and enhances its aesthetic features with smooth or brushed finishes. The Scandola Mobili catalogue contains classic  dressers as well as more rural cabinets suitable for country-style homes. We can also embellish our dressers with floral designs reminiscent of Tyrolean or Provençal furniture, with a hint of shabby chic charm.