Classic sideboards and low cabinets

Initially, sideboards were used as pantries; now they either stand in the living room or, more frequently, in the dining room to store tableware and linen.

The sideboard usually stands in the dining room, but it can also be found in reception rooms in general such as living rooms. Just like dressers, sideboards are normally used to store tableware and linen: in the past they were used as pantries but nowadays they are normaly used to store everything required to lay the table, from tableware to linen.

Classic sideboards come in various models and sizes: the tall ones are real kitchen or living room dressers, roomy and more often than not with a glass display top section to show off the best porcelain. In the  Maestrale collection Scandola offers a set of sideboards that make over the tradition of solid wood furniture in a contemporary key. A set of dressers with doors, glass displays or open compartments also follow this trend. If you are looking for a low cabinet, you can choose from small dressers and sideboards, also called buffet cabinets, in many sizes made of solid wood. The Ariette low sideboards are available with two, three or four doors and can also be used as corner cabinets. A run of drawers stand out at the top and are ideal to store cutlery, table cloths or stationery. The style is classic, once again made over in a modern key. Embellished sideboards, reminiscent of Provençal and Tyrolean furniture, are also available. On the other hand, the style of the Tabià two-door buffet cabinet brings to mind country atmospheres, making it the ideal dresser to furnish a mountain chalet or a rural-style home.