Trade fairs: great collaboration between dealers and Scandola

After their successful collaboration in 2015, Scandola and Caretta Design have pooled their strengths together again to participate in “Case su Misura”, the yearly quality furniture exhibition held in Padua. For the 2016 edition, that took place from 1st to 9th October, the dealer from Carmignano di Brenta showcased a layout consisting entirely of furniture produced by Scandola. An original setting made of small houses that represented different rooms in the home housed a chalk finish spruce kitchen from the Maestrale collection in the day area with a version exhibiting a work island. An elegant master bedroom and a cheerful and colourful children’s bedroom were showcased in the night area. Once again, Scandola confirms its intention to work together with its retailers, providing professional and sales support to boost the dealer’s visibility and give stores a hand by helping to organise events that attract visitors increasingly more interested in the product’s intrinsic quality and long-lasting reliability.