The new Maestrale collection: a refreshing breeze of change in the kitchen

The mistral wind blows from the north, bringing the fragrance of the mountains with it. Maestrale (mistral in Italian) is also the name of our new kitchen system that aspires to bring a wind of change to every home.

While retaining the love for tradition and handcrafted furniture expressed in our spruce wood furniture, we have decided to experiment with young and modern materials like Eco-cement and Hanex for our tops and backsplashes, creating very appealing, fresh and innovative arrangements.

In making our choice, we haven’t forgotten how fond we are of real, authentic materials which is why we have decided to reuse wooden planks retrieved from the demolition of alpine buildings.  If you decide to add this special material, that we call Old Wood, to your kitchen you will bring a little piece of real-life history to your home that talks to you about mountain life through its knots and grain.

Let yourself be fascinated by Maestrale: it will take you to a world where wood expresses the past, present and future.